Towards a Better Environment!

Welcome to the Sustainable Geotechnics Laboratory at Stony Brook University, Seawolves Home!

The overall goal of all research efforts conducted at the Sustainable Geotechnics Lab, led by Professor Sherif Abdelaziz, is to increase the sustainability and resiliency of our infrastructure and, explicitly, geo-structures. Providing this goal, our research group focuses, equally, on basic and fundamental research topics as well as applied research aspects, as described below.

Basic and Fundamental Research:  We focus on identifying factors that control the thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of earth surface materials.  Towards achieving this aim, we utilize a multi-scale testing approach within which we characterize changes in the microstructural clay fabric and the respective macroscale response of clays subjected to different temperature extremes at various saturation conditions.  While we are an experimental group, we extend our experimental results by using simple numerical and analytical models to justify the variations in the macroscale clay properties in light of the microstructural clay fabric alternations.


Applied Research:  We focus on understanding the behavior of thermo-active geo-structures with the explicit focus on heat exchange piles, also known as “Energy piles.”  Of particular interest to our group is the effect of the continuously varying thermal loads on the thermal and thermo-mechanical behaviors of thermo-active geo-structures.  Moreover, our group explores the potential to improve soft clays using thermal techniques.



Another emerging research area for our group is enhancing the resiliency of the national infrastructure against natural and human-made hazards.  The focus of our group in this area is reducing the effect of flooding on geo-infrastructures such as pavements, and earth retaining structures. 




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