Research Team

Dr. Sherif Abdelaziz, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE

Director, Sustainable Geotechnics Lab

Dr. Abdelaziz is an assistant professor in the Civil Engineering Department at Stony Brook University.  Dr. Abdelaziz holds a doctoral degree from the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech with emphasis on Geotechnical Engineering.  Dr. Abdelaziz has over ten years of practical experience in the geotechnical engineering field.  Dr. Abdelaziz's primary research interests are focused on (1) thermal and energy geotechnics and (2) the use of innovative materials for sustainable geotechnical engineering applications.

Current Students​

1. Karam A. Jaradat, Ph.D. Candidate.

Research Project: Multi-scale assessment of Thermo-Hyrdo-Mechanical clay behavior.

2. Seyed M. Zeinali, Ph.D. Student.

Reseach Project: Time-rate dependent Thermo-Hydro-Dynamic clay behavior.


  1. Soji P. Abraham   Degree: Masters         Department: Mechanical Engineering         Current Position: Mechanical Engineer, NYSDOT

  2. Zubin M. Darbari  Degree: Masters         Department: Mat. Sci. and Engineering       Current Position: Ph.D. studnet, BNL

  3. Justin Antonette  Degree: Masters         Department: Civil Engineering         Current Position: Underpinning and Foundation Skanska


Open Positions


     Currently, there is one position available for a doctoral student.  Students with a master degree in geotechnical engineering focusing on thermal geotechnics are encouraged to apply. If you meet the following criterion, please forward your academic CV to Mr. Karam Jaradat.

  1.      All students (domestic and international) need to have valid GRE scores. Your score in the GRE is a primary factor for admission at Stony Brook University, and more importantly for funding.

  2.      International students need to meet the minimum English proficiency requirements for non-native speakers of English to get admitted to the Ph.D. program at Stony Brook University. Ph.D. candidates are required to meet the requirement for teaching assistants even if they are funded from research projects.  Therefore, your score on the speaking section for TOEFL or IELTS needs to be more than 22 or 6.5, respectively.  Please, do NOT contact me if you have not met the minimum English proficiency requirements or if you have not had the TOEFL or the IELTS exams.

Note: The final admission decision is made by the graduate committee of the Department of Civil Engineering (even for research assistants).  The higher your GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores are, the higher the possibility for your admission with funding.